It’s a right of passage, a metamorphosis by fire: a broken heart.  The feeling is indescribable, insufferable and truly indelible.  Music, however, is the perfect accompaniment to such pain. Whether it is after discovering the one you love is loving someone else, finally ending the ritual of a tumultuous relationship, waiting for the phone that never rings or receiving an email breaking down the break-up, music is there to soothe the cruel ebbing of a torn heart and fill the aching hollow in the pit of one’s stomach.

This weeks Top 5 celebrates the amazing power of music’s ability to remind anyone going through such heart wrenching pain that they are not alone.  Because of the artist’s own broken heart, these songs were created and because most relationships inevitably end, these songs will forever hold a very dear place in  the mended hearts of many.

5. “Dilate” -Ani Difranco – The world is my oyster/the road is my home/And I know that I’m better/I’m better/off alone.

4. “Never is a Promise” – Fiona Apple – “I don’t know what to believe in, you don’t know who I am/You say I need appeasing, when I start to cry/But never is a promise and I’ll never need a lie.”

3. “Hurt”- Nine Inch Nails – “Beneath the stains of time/The feelings disappear/You are someone else/I am still right here.”

2. “November Rain” – Guns and Roses – “Cause nothin’ lasts forever/And we both know hearts can change/And it’s hard to hold a candle/In the cold November rain”

1. “A Perfect Sonnet” – Bright Eyes – “Lately I’ve been wishing I had one desire/Something that would make me never want another/Something that would make it so that nothing matters/All would be clear then.”

What songs got you through a broken heart?  We’d love to hear your top 5.

Photo by: Summer Anne