BeatCrave brings you band, Via Audio, as part of our Know Your NYC Bands series. Jessica Martins, Tom Deis, David Lizmi, Adam Sturtevant may all hail from Berklee College of Music but their music is far from pretentious. With indie pop songs that have dangerously smooth hooks, this Boston-to-Brooklyn band’s popularity had gone from obscure blogs to important conferences such as SXSW.

Their big break came when Jessica had gone to a Spoon concert and met up with drummer, Jim Eno. Being one who took chances, she handed him a Via Audio CD. However, it wasn’t until later that Eno had offered to help them produce their album, Say Something. Death Cab For Cutie’s Chris Walla had already been writing them up as his “new favorite band” in his Under the Radar column.

Having Eno think he was already too late to grab the next best thing may say something about Via Audio’s credibility, but in the end it really comes down to the talent. Along with the rich pop sounds they are talented at producing, this band also has a knack for the sound of authentic experimentation.

If you are anywhere near Abilene, Texas, make sure to catch Via Audio at Monks tomorrow night. Their show starts at 8:00pm, but if your little heart can’t take it until then, check out our exclusive interview with David Lizmi (bass/synth/vox) below!

How did all of you really meet?

We all met in College. Berkleee College of Music. I ran into Jess when she was playing Dashboard Confessional songs on the side of the street. Tom and Adam actually met in high school in a battle of the bands where Adam’s rendition of Red Hot Chili Peppers “Under the Bridge” pummeled Tom’s STP’s “Vaseline.”

You guys got a lot of your initial press from blogs. What’s an advantage you get by being featured in a blog instead of a major publication?

There is barely any filter’s on blogs. I can say, “CAcacacacacacpooooopooooopoooopoooo” and people will embrace me regardless of my psychotic impulses. Blogs can also get much more genre specific than a national publication. If I like only dreamy synth pop that only has come out in 01′-02′, there is probably some kid in Missoula, MT writing about it. I like the boutiqueness of it all.

You guys went from Boston to Brooklyn. What was your biggest fear during that move?

Our biggest fear and still our current fear is, “How am I gonna pay rent?”

Where were you and what were you doing when you found out Chris Walla said Via Audio was his new favorite band?

I was in Townshend, VT in the middle of the woods making a gluten turkey with my girlfriend’s family.

You’re all music grads from Berkley, but the great thing is that your sound isn’t “math-rock” or extremely formulaic. Is it the tight camaraderie that helps you loosen up in regards to the creative process?

I enjoy music that touches my heart and the soles of my shoes instead of my cerebral cortex. I think what creates our sound is that we all individually listen to such different artists and genres. Each of our music libraries are drastically different from one another. With Tom, you will find every rock record frrom 1991-99. With Adam, you will find endless amounts of Beethoven, Dvorak, Ravel etc… With Jess, you will find old timey acts like Skeeter Davis and new groups such as Dr. Dog and Chairlift. With me, you will find classic country and tons of Bollywood Soundtracks.

How glad are you because Jessica is a people-person?

How do you know Jess is a people person? Am I not a people person? Have we met? Whats going on? Whats your name? What highschool did you go to? Oh…..Really… My dog’s name was Charlie too. What a coincidence.

What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned from Jim Eno during the recording of Say Something?

COMMIT to your ideas.

How do your Boston fans differ from your New York fans?

Boston fans will make it known that they know all the words to your songs and will also make it known where the last time they saw you was. In New York, there could be fan that has seen every show of ours and we wouldn’t have a clue.

Did you have any other thoughts for a band name before you chose Via Audio? If so, what were some of the contenders?

Viva Adios was a contender. We thought our old guitar player said,” Via Audio” and it stuck. Quick and simple. I have learned that you can’t force a band name, It usually just comes smoothly or it doesnt come at all.

You quoted a 5 year old named Katie on your MySpace page. The quote is “Better than Hannah Montana.” How does that make you feel?

It questions the validity of Hannah Montana. Do kids actually like her because she is a wonderful artist or it is because it’s all they are exposed to. Adults sometimes aren’t aware how much musical understanding kids have. You would be suprised what kids can connect with. I babysit a 5 year old who loves jazz. He can tell you who is playing on the album just by listening to it and he is only 5. “Oh thats Monk on piano and Philly Joe on drums.”

Quick-Fire Round:
What’s your favorite venue to play in New York?

Bowery Ballroom

Which local band are you currently digging?

Josh Mease

How sunburned can you really get?

I dont get sunburned. I was born brown.

What’s your favorite dessert?

Carrot cake and cookies. I have a serious sweet tooth.

Tell us one thing about yourself we probably don’t already know.

I am in my underwear right now.

Photography courtesy of Lev Kuperman