Brooklyn’s shooting stars MGMT recently stopped by’s studio to record a session for The Interface. Insead of playing on the typical set with the typical camera work, they took it back in time.

The performance looks like The Old Grey Whistle Test, a show that ran on BBC2 from 1971 to 1987. For anyone who’s never seen the show, I highly recommend Netflixing the DVD. MGMT’s set is complete with an announcer to introduce the band, grainy camera work and a vignette-type soft focus much like the old show. Even the logo on the back wall is a knock off of the Whistle Test logo.

MGMT performed “Pieces of What,” “Electric Feel, “The Handshake” and “Future Reflections.” The band also gave another one of their “stellar” inteviews where the two principle members giggle and act stoned the entire time. The band makes good music, but geez, they have zero personality.

Download the podcast or stream it here. It is also available on iTunes.