So, there are some out there who think that Lil Wayne is the greatest rapper out there at the moment. That’s fine. If he’s succeeding at something and getting tons of Grammy nominations, that’s fine too. (Although who cares about who wins The Grammys anymore?) There isn’t bad music. There’s just a lot we don’t particularly dig…

However, when Lil Wayne started pulling “rock n’ roll” stunts, we asked one thing: WHY? He’s not only been hopping on stage with Kid Rock (blah) but he’s also pulling out the guitar during several performances (and playing TERRIBLY) too. Now, we hear that his rock album is ACTUALLY HAPPENING. It’s not just a rumor because according to MTV, Rebirth, is set for release on April 7th. The first single, “Prom Queen,” will start streaming on his MySpace tomorrow, January 27th.

We don’t particularly favor Lil Wayne here at BeatCrave, but we think he should stick to doing what he does best: Rapping.

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