Cerebral prog-rock guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez says that the next two Mars Volta albums are in their finishing stages, while also commenting on the band’s Grammy nomination and his most recent release on Stones Throw Records.

Wax Simulcra from Mars Volta’s last album Bedlam In Goliath, has been nominated for the Best Hard Rock Performance Grammy Award, to which Rodriguez-Lopez says:

“I’m not gonna pretend like, ‘Yeah, man, that doesn’t mean shit,’ It’s not validating me or putting me down. It’s like if someone invites you over to their house for dinner. It’s nice of them if they invite you into their home, so you accept it and go over and see whether it’s awkward or not.”

He went into some detail about his latest solo effort Old Money, released on LA Hip Hip Label Stones Throw, stating that “all [Mars Volta's] political views have always been shrouded in metaphor and veiled on our other records. For some reason, I had the urge to do something a little more obvious.”

The next Mars Volta album should be released in late Spring 2009, Rodriguez-Lopez explains the delay:

“I gave the band a six-month break; I’m not trying to force my pace. I’ll just be here doing what I’m doing, recording more albums. When the time comes, the time comes”.

The guitarist purportedly has 17 albums sitting at home, waiting to be released. He’s an authentic music making machine.

Are you eager for the next Mars Volta album?
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