So it ends up that The Beatles‘ distributors didn’t cram everything onto “The Beatles Anthology” and subsequent compilations. They forgot one: “Revolution 1 (Take 20).”

Over the past couple days, “Take 20″, which is being hailed by some Beatles fanatics as the ‘holy grail’ of the band’s unreleased material, has appeared on various blogs and is available for a listen on the YouTube link below:

The main difference between the newly found take and the original track (featured on “The White Album”) is that the unreleased version is seven minutes longer (with a total of 10 minutes and 47 seconds) and halfway through, it erupts into a mash-up of tape loops, vocal effects and other studio editing. Some of the samples from this last half are the same as those used in the song “Revolution 9,” the trippiest track on “The White Album.”

The song certainly is fun to listen to, and any die hard Beatles fan is jumping up and down right now, but hold your horses folks, because no one knows where the track came from and its authenticity has yet to be confirmed by any surviving Beatles member or label exec. I’m hoping we get word soon, because this is just more evidence that the Beatles were one of the most diverse, technically prolific groups of the time… plus there could more unreleased material!

What do you think of the “new” take of Revolution 1? Could there be more unreleased material out there waiting to be found?