stephanie_schneider-copyStephanie Schneiderman‘s influences are pretty vast, and it is showing all the more with her most recent material. Her sound is distinct and fairly unique. She covers all sorts of musical ground, from folk to electronica. Her songwriting craft is very focused; it is clear that she as a vision; a sort of goal in mind. It is difficult to give her sound a specific classification, yet it is apparent where she is getting her inspiration from. The songs blend soft acoustic, swaying vocals, and electronic beats (a new element for Schneiderman). Romantic, sensual lyrics top off the over all intimate mood. Schneiderman’s talent and insight give her listeners much to revel at. These tracks reveal her as an artist who is not afraid to experiment and discover new ways of working out a song.

She’s on her sixth solo album (her most progressive and distinctive one yet). You can find them all here on her website.

Check out here MP3 for “Oxygen” below:

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And here is an interview to get yourself familiar.