SXSW has all of its participating bands’ mp3s available for download on the festival’s web page, totaling 1267 songs. But who has the patience to download every individual song? Well, for the 2009 edition, Ben Stolt has taken it upon himself to group all the mp3′s together into several large torrent files, available here.

The collection is free of digital rights management (DRM), and the total size is around 6 GB. Not only is it easier to download torrent files, with pause and resume functions, but also the system eases some of the bandwidth pressure on the SXSW site, and reduces costs for the festival.

This time, the RIAA won’t be worrying about whether you download or not, it’s all completely kosher.  And from the site you can access torrents of bands’ mp3s from previous editions of the SXSW festival. If you’re looking to acquire some free music for your iPod, there’s no better place to go.

The SXSW festival is coming up March 18-22 in Austin Texas, and getting to know the bands without too much work through BitTorrent is the way to go. If you don’t know what a torrent file is, just check out µTorrent, which is a lightweight program you need to download the music. Then go to this web page and get the metadata files necessary to load into µTorrent. Quick, easy and painless.

Source: Torrentfreak