hypetape searches blogs for music streams for free

The new music site Hypetape, takes the search and indexing capability of Hype Machine, and adds it to the playlist creation and interface of Muxtape. The result: an engine that searches through thousands blogs for songs and commentary of the artists you search for, lets you add the tracks to a playlist associated to a Google account, and stream them for free.

Not all songs are guaranteed to work, as it’s usually only a matter of time before an mp3 posted on a blog gets taken down. But if the service detects that you are playing a track with a broken link, it removes the song from future searches, and saves time for the next person. The playlist interface is handy because, like Muxtape, it gives you your own personal URL address for your playlist.

Anyone can have access to your playlists using your own URL, but the lists themselves aren’t embeddable yet. Also, you can’t search for albums or specific tracks, just artist names. Hypetape still seems to be in its early stages, but by combining the strengths of blog searching to an elegant playlist platform, the site has the potential to grow, if the recording industry doesn’t sue.

Hypetape isn’t perfect, but it presents an interesting concept. By searching the vast community of music blogs, and stripping away the text to produce an uncluttered playlist, perhaps it can compete with other music search engines like Just Hear It, Myspace and Last.fm. However, the ongoing copyright war has already caused damage to Seeqpod, so I suggest you try out Hypetape while it lasts.

Searching for music in blogs is very comprehensive, and turns up some interesting (though not always working) results. We want to hear what you’ve been listening to, so post links to your own playlists in the comment section!

Source: Wired, Lifehacker