The Papermoons are a fine example of how the capacity of sound be emitted from two people – with the instruments and vocalizations that best fit them – will never cease to amaze me. Sacrilegious though it may sound, the indie folk rock duo from Houstin, TX, are as if Ben Gibbard [of The Postal Service] and Matt Thiessen [of Relient K] made a deal with John Lennon in another life on how to give off a sound style that could be taken apart and arranged by ear in about an hour – except not really. Unintended tricksters though they are, said style swaggers unassumingly in a sort of musical sprezzatura, if you will.

Layered textures and intricate string arrangements run alongside a lyrical voice that is confident in conveying an understood, relatable naiveté. Whatever the reason as to why you probably have never heard of the Papermoons (and if you have, why you’ve had a tough time Googling them), hopefully you’ll like them enough to vote for them in Friday’s poll. Rest assured, listeners; together we’ll boost the number of search results!

Pick of the Day: Papermoons
Band Members:
Matt Clark and Daniel Hawkins
Type: Indie rock
Label: Team Science Records


From a live performance on New Year’s Day

“Bad Notes”


  • New Tales (2008)

Upcoming Shows

  • 5/14 Austin, TX
  • 6/19 Houston, TX

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