Australian producer Pogo, aka Fagottron on Youtube, makes music by remixing sounds from movies, and adding his own chillout electronica. He’s creates music videos using spliced scenes from films, and has interpreted old Disney classics like Alice in Wonderland and The Sword In The Stone, as well as other movies like the 1956 film The King & I and Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone.

Pogo has five releases, Weave And Wish, Table Scraps, Wonderland, Broken Beats and On The Yeast; all available for free download in mp3 format on Check out our favorite music videos after the:

The artist says that 90 percent of his songs are composed using sounds recorded from the films, so I guess only the underlying bass and drum loops are composed specifically for the sampled audio.

Alice and Anna remind me of the slow paced acoustic feel of Minotaur Shock. But Pogo is capable of varied styles, as demonstrated in the recent music video Alohamora:

Pogo is yet another example of how remixing existing works can stimulate new creative art. Music has long employed sampling, but remixing film is becoming increasingly popular for music videos. Detail in the synchronization of images with sounds, and perhaps a little music production software magic enable these cross-media efforts to further stretch our imagination, and advance “remix” culture.

You can also check out Pogo at his recently set up Myspace Page.