itunes plugin TuneUp downloads art concerts youtube videos and cleans tracks

TuneUp, an iTunes plugin that provides artist names, genres, track numbers and cover art for you music collection, is launching a new user interface today with some added features. Since its launch in 2008, TuneUp has over 200,000 registered users, and you can try a free version of the software at

Launched in 2008, the plugin does what you don’t have time to do: it homogenizes your entire iTunes library. The free version corrects 100 songs and downloads 50 album covers, but the “Gold” version, purchased for $30 or for an annual subscription of $20, give you unlimited access to the Gracenote Global Media Database of more than 100 million songs.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be bringing TuneUp to Apple’s retail customers,” said Gabe Adiv, founder and CEO of TuneUp. “Apple consumers clearly love music and the many ways Apple allows them to enjoy it. As such, we’re confident they’ll also enjoy TuneUp’s features which will allow them to get the absolute most out of their music collections.”

The application automatically displays upcoming local concerts for every artist in a user’s music collection, and fetches related YouTube videos, Google news and Wikipedia bios based on the song playing in iTunes.

So, is the $30 price tag worth it? Adding cover art to iTunes is quite possible by simply dragging art from Wikipedia or Allmusic, and it’s easy to find concerts and change song names. But all of this is very time consuming, and makes you search for each individual piece of info, so essentially you can pay for an algorithm to do all the work. If you must have an organized library with album covers with quick access to detailed information about who you’re listening to, then TuneUp is an interesting proposition. Conversely, if you’re a listener who just tends to put the player on shuffle, and isn’t so worried with organization or additional info, then paying money for this plugin might be unessential to your music needs. Check out the demo video:

Do you like an organized library that links you to more content about the artists, or do you think it’s enough to just have the music?