In an effort to keep their fans interest until their fifth studio album, Octahedron, comes out (June 23rd), progressive rock group The Mars Volta have launched an interactive artwork experience site, which features hidden surprises that will be revealed to those who take the time to search and explore the website. One of the findings includes the audio for the new track “Since We’ve Been Wrong”.  It is a unique way of having fans interact on the site. When you finally find the correct plus sign to click on, the new song starts to play and the lyrics pop up for your convenience.

The Mars Volta are continuing to show appreciation to those who support their music by giving a handful of lucky fans the chance to check out Octahedron before it is released.  The band is looking for 10-15 of their biggest fans to host advance listenings in their homes for their new album. Fans must submit why they deserve to host a party.

From the look of their own website, you would have to be artistic and think outside the box to win. Winners get their entries posted on the band’s website. One winner will also get to go watch the group perform live. Does the band really care about their fans this much or is it just a publicity stunt right before their album comes out? Either way they are getting the attention they want and need to stand out amongst all the other rock bands that are coming out with new music everyday.

What do you think of the site?