Rock n’ roll, sex and drugs have all rolled into one when it comes to being a musician. Boozing it up is the activity that probably comes in second after making their music. However, there ARE musicians out there doing their thing without having obliteration in their daily itinerary.

This weekend, one of 2009′s biggest blog sensations, Wavves had a meltdown at the Primavera Sound Festival. He blamed it on his mental health (from a grueling tour schedule), ecstacy, valium, xanax, and his current drinking problem. His apology was posted on his site but has now been taken down. You can read the entry we found from a cached version after the jump.

Mixing different types of alcohol is already dangerous enough. So mixing those types of drugs? Not a smart move and definitely not professional. How long will we able to accept musicians’ excuses for their lack of professionalism? Can we always accept their blame on drugs and booze when it is their decision to start with? Vote below and let us know!

Can You Always Accept Musicians' Blame On Drugs and Booze?

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from Wavves’ Ghost Ramp blog:

Friday, May 29, 2009


I think in the back of my head I knew I wasn’t exactly mentally healthy enough to continue to tour the way I have been since February. Honest truth is this has all happened so fast and I feel like the weight of it has been building for months now with what seems like a never ending touring and press schedule which includes absolutely zero time to myself. I’m sorry to everyone who has put effort into this and to everyone who supported me. Mixing ecstasy valium and xanax before having to play in front of thousands of people was one of the more poor decisions I’ve made(duh) and I realize my drinking has been a problem now for a good period of time. Nothing else I can do but apologize to everyone that has been affected by my poor decision making. I made a mistake. Not the first mistake I’ve made and it for sure wont be the last. I’m human. Don’t know why I chose the biggest platform I could imagine to loose my shit, but that’s life. You live and you learn.

Posted by NATHAN at 11:22 PM