Top Music on Twitter: The 99 Most Popular Songs

We Are Hunted, the site that compiles the most popular 99 songs on the internet for your listening pleasure, has gone one step further by now providing a similar list of the top songs on Twitter. The original We Are Hunted chart already combs Facebook, MySpace, message boards, forums, Twitter and P2P networks to give you the latest music, but the “Twitter only” version provides a completely different list.

A quick comparison of the two charts shows that Twitter users are discussing older music, or perhaps the music that has stayed popular over the years, with bands like Jimmy Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Iron Maiden, Faith No More and Rage Against The Machine.

The Twitter Music Chart has a few bands in common with the main chart’s smorgasbord of new, fresh music. But which one is the more accurate description of the world’s most popular music?

The entire Internet is hard to gauge, but Twitter is subject to the same rules. However, if AC/DC and Johnny Cash received as much attention on the rest of the Internet as they did on Twitter, then they too would appear on We Are Hunted’s main chart.

Regardless, the way we look at popular music is radically changing. Traditional methods that organize top artists by sales figures, such as those employed by Billboard, are losing ground to blog posts, comments, Twitter messages, Myspace pageviews, and illegal downloads on p2p networks.

Now we can even decide to follow a specific social network. Soon enough, you’ll be able to discover and follow the most popular music on whichever platform you please. In this case, Twitter users are showing that not everything depends on the fast paced, instant updates that flood the Internet every day. Because of them, I went back and listened to songs that I hadn’t heard for years.

How will new ways to discover music affect the music industry? Do you prefer to have the top music of the day served on a platter, or would you rather find it on your own?