It’s been almost a week since Michael Jackson died and the stories have been getting bigger and bigger.  Who will take care of his kids? What is written in his will? What exactly caused his death? Did Jackson’s personal doctor have anything to do with it? All of these questions have been lurking around the media since the untimely death of the King of Pop.

Here are a few of the top stories right now:

  • His Will: The Jackson family stated that there is in fact a will which Michael Jackson had made before his death.  What the will, written in 2002, contains is not available to the public. One thing that having a will complicates is Jackson’s mother’s, quest for guardianship of her three grandchildren. Since Monday morning, Jackson’s parents, Katherine and Joe won full custody of the kids but now it will be based on what is written in the music legends will.
  • His Kids: Jackson always had a “weird” side about him, from his fascination with staying a kid forever to the big elephants and carnival rides at his Neverland Ranch.  After the singer’s death more bizarre information is coming out.  TMZ broke out the story that Jackson is not the biological father of his three children nor is his ex-wife Debbie Rowe the biological mother. Citing multiple but unnamed sources, TMZ said all three children were conceived “in vitro” but that neither Jackson’s sperm nor Rowe’s eggs were used. Although this is all speculation and none of it has been validated, it will play a role in the inheritance process. Read more on this and the news that his father Joe Jackson was completely cut out of the will.

  • His Funeral: A 30-car motorcade will help transport Michael Jackson’s body to his Neverland Ranch on Thursday where they will have public viewing the following day for the public.  A private memorial service is scheduled for Sunday. The Jackson memorial service is set for July 10 at U.S. Steel Works ballpark in Gary, IN. Gary Mayor Rudy Clay is trying to get the family to bury the icons body in the city where he was born. More information available.
  • His Tribute: A Michael Jackson tribute featuring members of Jackson’s family, and other world music stars will most likely happen in the near future.  Randy Phillips, chief executive of promoter AEG Live, who booked Jackson for his sold-out summer tour that never materialized, said Jackson was excited about his comeback tour.  Phillips said detailed plans for the original show had been saved for a possible tribute concert. A lot of time, effort and money was used for Jackson’s upcoming shows that didn’t happen. A tribute would be fitting for one of the biggest entertainers in the world and it would also would help the AEG company make some money in the process.

Source: YahooNews