Are you shocked? Do you remember the Walkman? For those of you born in the 90′s, do you even know what a Walkman is?

According to leading gadget magazine, T3 Magazine, the Walkman beat out CDs and the iPod despite its awkward clunky size. Why? T3′s Kat Hanniford’s answer was: “It changed the way we access music, changed how often we could access music, and changed a generation.” That’s true. Before the Walkman, music fanatics either had to stay in one place for a stereo system or lug a huge boom box on top of their shoulders.

The MP3 digital music format came second in the list, the iPod music player, which apparently would be impossible without the pioneering work of Sony’s Walkman, came in third. Check the full list  out below!

The first Walkman model was the Walkman TPS-L2, and it was manufactured for retail after “the original Walkman was created for the co-founder of Sony, Akio Morita, who wanted to be able to listen to operas during his frequent plane trips between Japan and the United States.” Popularity spread and at the low price of $200 for such a breakthrough technological device, the model sold 50 million units in 10 years.

What was else was on the list? Here it is in its entirety with rankings:

1. Sony Walkman

2. MP3 format

3. Apple iPod 1st Generation

4. CD

5. Napster

6. Dolby

7. DAB radio

8. Boombox

9. Sonos Multi-Room Music System

10. Panasonic Technics DJ deck