Beck is one damn awesome social butterfly. In between making albums and awesome music videos, he also recruits friends to jam on covers which has now been titled The Record Club series. Now he’s got a brand new series called Irrelevant Topics which is where his website will feature “extended informal conversations with musicians, artists, filmmakers, and other various personages [...] without promotional pretext or editorial direction.”

The first artist to be featured in the series is none other than Tom Waits. Beck has posted only Part 1 of the interview, but I have a feeling I’ll be checking back no matter how many parts it’s broken into. The name, Irrelevant Topics, suits the series perfectly because random kinds are the best kinds of interviews! They talk about draining lakes only to find human bones, how “Happy Birthday” will probably be the last song standing, and more.

You can check out Beck’s interview with Tom Waits in Part 1 here.