Yo La Tengo is back with another video to promote their upcoming album, Popular Songs, via Matador Records on September 8th. Their video for “Here To Fall” is the first to kick off a series of five video clips all leading up to the album’s release.

For a band who’s been in the game for 25 years, Yo La Tengo continues to reinvent themselves and this video is brilliantly directed by John McSwain. The shoegaze “Here To Fall” is a departure from their alternative rock sound, but gives you a “mellow yellow” vibe from the first measure. As for the video, it starts out a bit slow and one can get impatient for something to happen but when it does, it’s amazing. By the end of this video, it’s hard to believe something so simple can be incredibly trippy. Stoners and happy pill people, this video is for you. It’s even better than the first time you saw Feist‘s “1234″ while you were blazed out of your mind.

If the rest of the videos in this series are as textured as this one, we can’t wait for the following four. Check “Here To Fall” out below and let us know what you think!