Regardless of how busy Jack White gets with the Dead Weather tour, a possible solo album and appearing with Jimmy Page and the Edge in the guitar documentary It Might Get Loud – there’s always time for Keith Richards!

Richards tells Rolling Stone that he and White have recently worked together: “I enjoy working with Jack. We’ve done a couple of tracks.” Asked by Rolling Stone if White might possibly man the controls as producer of the next Stones album, Richards replied, “I couldn’t fuel that rumor any more than to say Jack and I are in touch.”

So you’re saying there’s a chance?

There’s already a White-Stones connection to build from: White made a guest appearance in Martin Scorsese’s 2008 Rolling Stones concert documentary Shine a Light.

Besides the talk of Jack White maybe joining the production of the next Stones album, there was other notable news surrounding the legendary band; BeatCrave reported earlier that Stones drummer Charlie Watts had NOT left the band. Thankfully those rumors were stomped out.

Whew. That’s good. The Stones without Bill Wyman is one thing. But no Charlie Watts? Inconceivable!

Richards did mention in his interview that he and Mick Jagger are rifling through old outtakes for an upcoming deluxe edition reissue the 1972 classic Exile on Main St.

“There’s new songs on there, stuff we’ve forgotten about,” Richards says. “Mick and I were looking at each other like, ‘Ah, did we do that?’ ”

Plus, Richards is keeping busy with his (what is sure to be a must-read!) autobiography with writer James Fox.

“I’m trying to remember things, which is very difficult.”

So now that we know Watts hasn’t left the band, and it seems as if the guys are inching closer to a new record, speculation may commence about what a Jack White-Rolling Stones project might sound like. One could argue the last few Stones albums have been uneven at best, so it might just be that Jack White is the person who helps capture that legendary Stones magic one more time.

What do you think about Jack White working with the Rolling Stones?