Hip-hop has always been known for it’s bold lyrics and controversial subject matter – violent, humorous, sexual and gouty. Every so often an artist strikes out and releases a track that is simply obnoxious – unintelligible and tacky in its own right. Below is a list of songs that, for better or worse, broke outside the box and created waves that we wish to forget.

“Sprinkle Me”

E-40 featuring SUGA-T – (1995)



Somewhere in the lyric “From the seven-oh-seven my roots go hella far back to Flor Terrace,” we can gather that E-40 is a Bay area rapper with swagger. Known for his ability to make up words for sake of flow, I’m still not exactly certain what Sprinkle Me actually means – nor the 11 other words that can’t be found in Webster’s Dictionary.

My favorite line: “Sit em down mutual, running through these lyrics as if I was fibered like Metamucil.”

“Make Em Say Uhh!”

MASTER P featuring SILKK, FIEND, MIA-X and MYSTIKAL – (1997)



This hook must have taken exactly two seconds to scheme – one second per unique syllable. Repeated no less than 25 times, “Uh, na na na nah” is the backbone to this violently aggressive invertebrate. Swarming with guest lyricists and war cries from the ghetto, Master P and his soldiers make ya say “uh” before you even knew it was coming.

My favorite line: “Fiend still want the greens, the cornbread and the cabbage in your hood reminding you bitches of who the baddest.”


SNOW – (1993)



Canadian rapper Snow debuted this fast-paced, reggae-rap fusion before the English language was ready for the assault. Slathered with made up words and out-of-place extra syllables, Informer is impossible to mimic – a blessing in disguise. Even when reading along with the lyrics, it’s easy to get lost in the flurries of far-fetched rhyme.

My favorite line: “Informer, you no say daddy me snow me I’ll go blame, a licky boom boom down.”

“Ay Bay Bay”




From the opening lines of this creative magnum opus, we revert to the time of our first words. Hurricane Chris manages to string together the largest list of fractured phrases known to man and fuses the shards with a golden hook. By my count, “Ay Bay Bay” is repeated no less than 71 times and the intelligible slang is thick.

My favorite line: “White folks, gangstas and a thug (Ay Bay Bay). Stuntin’ with a stack of dem dubz (Ay Bay Bay). Ridin’ in a Lac with a mug (Ay Bay Bay).”

“Holla at A Playa”

JIM CROW – (2001)



It is widely known not to hate the playa; hate the game. In this instance, I loathe all of the above. By my count, the hook “Holla at a playa” is repeated no less than 59 times, accompanied by a cringing AHHHH no less than 18 times. Ladies, please holla at this playa; maybe then he’ll stop asking.

My favorite line: “I woke up the next morning rolled over like AHHHHH, who the hell is this broad? Good Lord, I pause for the cause and see she fast asleep with her hands on my balls.”

“So Krispy”

KIA SHINE – (2007)



You know you’re in for a lyrical treat when the music video starts by defining the primary word in the title. Krispy (adjective): Describing one’s fresh style and unique swagger. Thank you Kia Shine for rewriting the English language – we’re all better and brighter for it.

My favorite line: “I ain’t a trappa rappa, still a G from da hood. That grey china wall, I spent a G on da hood.”

“Say I Yi Yi”




The twins are at it again – I yi yi yi yi. This is just what we needed, another articulate account of a booty shakin’ strip club in a Hennessey haze. Racking up over 20 insufferable “I yi yi yis” and no less than 71 expletives, your mother would cry if she caught you listening to this obnoxiousness.

My favorite line: “Look at shawty she makin’ that ass jiggle – like the way you wobbedy, wobbedy when it wiggle.”

“Crank Dat”

SOULJA BOY – (2007)



Oh, Soulja Boy, where did you get all that confidence? Whether the dance inspired the song or visa versa, this self-serving anthem lacks creativity, intelligence and, above all, annunciation. By my count, “crank dat” is repeated no less than 55 times, then Superman oh!

My favorite line: “Yes, I crank dat everyday. Haterz get mad cuz I got me some Bathin’ Apes.”

“Get Low”




Filling the space between poetic lines about strippers, sex and money, Lil’ Jon and the Eastside Boyz post over 40 references to skeet (semen) and no less than an additional 92 expletives aside from that. “Get Low” certainly glorifies the arts and rarely offends.

My favorite line: “Hoe, move to the left if you ain’t bout 50 – done talk through 3 or 4 songs already. Looking at a nigga with yo palm out – bitch I ain’t even seen you dance.”

“Gettin Jiggy With It”

WILL SMITH – (1998)



This song is in a league of its own. I’ll admit, it’s not necessarily “unintelligible” but it couldn’t be more mundane, trite and expected. Besides the fact that “Getting Jiggy” is wholly made up, it’s repeated at least 16 times amongst a wash of cliché, family-oriented, couldn’t-have-less-edge, Big Willie style rap.

My favorite line: “Never see Will attacking ‘em – rather play ball with Shaq and um, flatten ‘em – Psyche, kidding.”