Ryan Adams

Looks as if Ryan Adams’ retreat from the music ‘biz has ended. The singer-songwriter is launching Pax-Am, a re-branded digital and vinyl record label to distribute new material.

First up for Adams new/old label is the digital release of the songs “Lost and Found” and “Go Ahead and Rain.”

Adams website includes an online store where you can pre-order the new songs, otherwise known as Pax-Am Digital Single #1, for $1.49.

“Go Ahead and Rain” and “Lost and Found” will be shipped digitally this Friday (Sept. 11).

There’s no word yet on a physical release, but a video on Adams’ homepage drops a few hints that vinyl manufacturing has begun.

TwentyFourBit points out that Adams had originally started Pax-Americana in ’04 as a vehicle to release vinyl versions of his four-track home recordings. Only The Rescue Blues and California EPs, plus the “If I am a Stranger” single, made it out before he shelved the whole thing.

Adams also posted a video of a third new track earlier this week.