Thomas Mars, frontband of the band Phoenix, is going to be contributing original music for Sophia Coppola’s next film, Somewhere. This news shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone, as Mars is the father of their child Romy. Nonetheless, the news is exciting for those who have waited on this collaboration to happen for quite some time.

The news comes from The Playlist which also reports the film is about a “bad-boy actor who is wasting away in the celebrity-clad Chateau Marmont when his estranged 11-year old daughter shows up for an unexpected visit”. The movie will feature a cameo from Rooney (Robert Schwartzman the bands lead singer, is Jason Schwartzman’s younger brother and cousin of the Coppolas) and possibly The Veronicas.

Stephen Dorff will play the main character in the plot while Elle Fanning will play the daughter. Benicio Del Toro is also rumored to be involved in the movie in some capacity.

Somewhere is scheduled for release sometime in 2010.

What do you think of Thomas Mars contributing music to Somewhere? Are you excited about all the other musicians involved with the movie?