50 Cent and Marv Albert

This has got to be one of the strangest celebrity fights ever. Apparently, 50 Cent and Marv Albert had a problem when they both appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! 50 Cent’s posse didn’t recognize Albert when he was walking down the hall and went for him. It’s still slightly unclear what exactly happened, but there were lots of fists thrown.

According to the LA Times, one of the security guards working for Jimmy Kimmel Live! shouted “It’s Marv Albert” to 50 Cent’s guards, but that didn’t deter them. There was also some shouting and cursing from the parties involved. It sounds like Marv yelled, “Don’t put your hands on me,” but it is unknown who said it. There was a fist or two thrown, but it is unknown who threw it.

After Albert got out out the scuffle, he looked confused and stated, “Did you see that?…I thought they were kidding, but then I realized they weren’t.”

This is just so weird. Why would anyone attack a middle-aged white guy at the Jimmy Kimmel show? It’s not like he’s going to gun down 50 or anything. 50 Cent is a thug, and he hangs out with thugs. I’m a little surprised that the security at Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t a little tighter. It’s bad for business when your guests are beating up on each other.

What do you think?