jennifer lopex falls at the amas

Last night at the American Music Awards, it was a night for every one to bust their asses. Jennifer Lopez aka J-Lo and Adam Lambert both suffered from stage mishaps, with Jenny’s being the worst of the night. She took to the stage to perform the song, “Louboutins” and in a choreographed dance number fell flat mid-way through.

Check out the performance below…

Giving credit to where credit is due, Lopez did quickly spring back into her routine after the eventful tumble. There was a lot of hype generated for the song and the performance beforehand, causing some to consider it underwhelming. The overall concept and presentation looked decent, it just wasn’t mind blowing. The fall definitely didn’t help, but it wasn’t the only reason the performance was seen as lackluster. Could the lip synching be any more obvious?

With JLo’s reputation of being a perfectionist and a diva, I’d love to know what happened backstage between her and her dancers. Do you think anyone got fired or was it all her fault? So many questions but not enough answers. If you live on the West Coast the blunder was edited out of the performance, so if you really want to see it live and in living color check out the video below.

Skip to the 3:00 minute mark for the fall…

What do you think? Was she professional about it? Is it as bad as everyone says?

Source: LATimes