No Doubt

Activision‘s new game, Band Hero, has really riled up a few artists and it is thanks to the new “Character Manipulation Feature.”  Not too long ago, No Doubt filed a lawsuit against Activision claiming they misused their likeness. Now, Activision has filed a countersuit claiming No Doubt breached their contract as the band failed to promote the game through interviews and “video ‘shout-outs,’” and that the band was “unjustly enriched.”

In No Doubt’s lawsuit, two big issues revolve around the fact that, in the game, No Doubt can sing the Rolling Stones song, “Honky Tonk Woman.” No Doubt’s lawyer stated:

“While No Doubt are avid fans of the Rolling Stones and even have performed in concerts with them, the Character Manipulation Feature results in an unauthorised performance by the Gwen Stefani avatar in a male voice boasting about having sex with prostitutes.”

The other complaint stems from the fact that the bassist of No Doubt, Tony Kanal, can be chosen to sing “Just a Girl”. It sounds like they are upset because Kanal doesn’t sing in the band and are upset because he can be made to sing an, originally, female-based song.

The issue with No Dobut’s lawsuit is that if they actually win, then other angry artists may file lawsuits against Activision. The artists are upset about it, but only No Doubt has actually filed a lawsuit at this point.

It seems odd that thing that has everyone up in arms is that Gwen Stefani and Kurt Cobain can sing a Spice Girls song on a video game. And bassist Tony Kanal can be used to sing a song originally sung by a girl. It is a video game. Perhaps you should have inquired more about how you likeness was to be used before you agreed to it. Seriously though, No Doubt needs to get over themselves.

Source: Guardian