Yes, this headline may sound a bit familiar, but Billy Corgan is not the only one doing it. Everyone is doing it now. My Morning Jacket‘s Jim James has created his own record label named Removador Recordings and Solutions.

Earlier today, James announced that he has started it up with his cousin Johnny Quaid, who is a former My Morning Jacket’s guitarist. Also, even with an announcement like this which usually implies beginning phases, he says he’s already got a ton of releases to put out on this label of his!

According to Pitchfork, James has already lined up three album releases with official dates. Check them out:

  • January 19: Boys – Sophomore album from singer-songwriter, Cortney Tidwell. Boys was previously released on a German label last year, but Removador will be re-releasing it in the States.
  • February 16: Slight Spell – Ravenna Colt. The Ravenna Colt is Quaid’s band as well as their first album.
  • March 16: Mercury - Follow The Train. This band is friends of My Morning Jacket’s and
  • Jame’s alter-ego, Yim Yames, will also have some releases on this label as well.

It all looks and sounds pretty solid. It’s much easier to start your own record label these days thanks to the DIY ethics in the independent scene. Just look at Merge Records, who is celebrating their 20th anniversary. They originally created Merge to release Superchunk albums and work from friends!

Pitchfork also sharead this hilarious statement from the new company:

“The Removador Recordings and Solutions web venture will offer consumers a rich new way of web-based living; specializing in music purchase, production, and facilitation, as well as problem solving, sports, rehab, recreation, vacation planning, vaccinations, ghosts, and social networking. Coming this fall, Removador will also debut our much talked about new 3-D printer technology, enabling consumers to purchase food and auto parts online, and simply print them out in the comfort of their own home with our new carbon and silicone based 3-D printer. Imagine ordering a few sprigs of broccoli, or needing a new carburetor, and being able to print them out in edible 3-D– all in the comfort of your own home! Anyone who comes to invest in or own a share of the Removador name will not only find some of the coldest music they ain’t never heard, they will be provided with a richness of living, and sharply increasing aural dividends for years to come. Removador Recordings and Solutions– some of the coldest music you ain’t never heard!”

It sounds like they’ll do well, too.

What do youthink of Jim James’ new record label?