Rihanna has had a year of turmoil, but in the end she landed on top with her edgy artistry on latest album, Rated R. She’s still going strong with performances and singles shooting up to the top of the charts and now she’s about to lend a hand to the pop rock duo, the Ting Tings.

Rihanna and the Ting Tings together? It’s not much of a surprise since the British pair has recently signed with Jay-Z’s record label, Roc Nation.

Jay-Z has had a large part in Rihanna’s career, molding her into a female protege of his in terms of success. Now that HOVA has gotten his hands on something that was hot last year, he plans on resurrecting the British pop success with American pop success.

It’s been reported by the Daily Star (via Spinner) that the Ting Tings will be collaborating with Rihanna on their second studio album. This must be Jay-Z’s way of blending “what he does best.” He’ll take something that was fresh last year and make it even more spectacular by combining it with a big name.

No one is really sure of what type of collaboration this will be. Will there be a duet between Rihanna and Katie White? Will Rihanna even be singing vocals or is she going to stay behind the scenes and just help with writing the song content?

As always, new and unusual team-ups are interesting. It’s even more interesting when they figure out a way to make collaborations successful and approved by critics.

What do you think of the Ting Tings teaming up with Rihanna?