We all remember when we first heard there was going to be a super group called Them Crooked Vultures. We all remember how excited we got when we discovered the members would be musicians from three great and influential bands. Foo Fighters‘ Dave Grohl, Led Zeppelin‘s John Paul Jones, and Queens of the Stone Age‘s Josh Homme unveiled themselves as a collective earlier this year at a post-Lollapalooza show and made a huge splash with their first live performance.

Their self-titled debut album was a big hit with new fans as well, but here’s something to wrap your brain around. What if a former member of the Beatles were part of this super group right now? Now, that would be a super group!

Perhaps you had never even considered Macca to be a potential member in that lineup, but according to The Daily Mail (via Consequence of Sound), Paul McCartney was almost the bass player for Them Crooked Vultures! In a very lengthy and detailed profile of Sir McCartney, the former Beatle gave us the juiciest bit of information right toward the end.

To summarize it: After joining each other on stage during the Grammys in 2009, McCartney and Grohl went out for dinner. During dinner, Grohl mentioned how he was getting ready to put together a super group band. McCartney offered to play bass for the group, but unfortunately Grohl had to turn him down because he had already approached his friend Jones from Led Zeppelin.

To read it in McCartney’s detailed words below:

“We went out for a bite to eat afterwards and Dave told me he was starting this band with Josh. I asked him who was playing bass and he rather sheepishly told me he’d approached John. So you read it here first – Paul McCartney was nearly the bass player in Them Crooked Vultures.”

We wonder if Grohl was ever overcome an odd power or massive amount of guilt for turning down a Beatle. Who wouldn’t feel strange after doing such a thing? However, Grohl did stay fair to what he and his buddies had already planned and the result was a stunning album released in November 2009.

Also, it’s apparent enough to say that if Sir Paul McCartney is expressing his disappoint when he was turned down for Them Crooked Vultures, their credibility was not just handed to them. Them Crooked Vultures is one hard working band and McCartney doesn’t forgot about rare opportunities.

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