The Grammys will be posthumously presenting Michael Jackson with the Recording Academy’s Lifetime Achievement Award. This is not a surprise. Many were wondering how the award show would be honoring the late pop star considering the golden moments Jackson has given them. A couple of these include Jackson winning 12 Grammys in one night for his album, Thrillers. The other was given when he offered one of his most passionate performances of “Man in the Mirror.

If there is a will, there is a way a boy did the creative committee knock themselves out in order to accomplish the task of presenting a grand tribute. According to CNN, the upcoming 52nd annual Grammy Awards will feature the first-ever 3-D performance on an awards show.

A 3-D mini-movie created for Jackson’s “Earth Song” will be presented as part of a tribute performance featuring Smokey Robinson, Usher, Celine Dion, Jennifer Hudson and Carrie Underwood. Duets with artists from the past have been done before. Alicia Keys played and sang with Frank Sinatra. Natalie Cole sang a duet with her late father, Nat King Cole. However, no tribute performance with an artist from the beyond has been done with a film, let alone in 3-D.

CNN reports Grammys executive producer Ken Ehrlich falling back on a memory. This memory brought him back to a day when Jackson met up with him for a Halloween project he wanted to do with CBS, and this meeting took place the day before Jackson’s death. In this meeting, the mini-film was a main subject for it was “a standalone piece during the live show in the “This Is It” tour.”

Ehrlich was impressed with the film during the meeting and now feels that it is only obvious that the film be a part of their tribute. He states his feelings in the following words below:

“He told me this was to be one of the most important elements of the show to him because it was his opportunity to deliver a really strong message about the environment in the same way that it had done when he first did the song several years ago. This film, and the 3-D in which it was done, it’s pretty brilliant and it’s pretty wonderful.”

3-D is a current fad once again and like all fads, it may disappear again. However, Ehrlich seems to think that taking advantage of its current popularity is the perfect way to make the award’s tribute an explosive and simultaneously heartfelt experience for fans out there.

“After he passed, we knew that people would be looking at the show to see what we do for Michael. It occurred to me to take this one song, which admittedly was not a big hit, though it went to number one [in Europe], that captured so much of Michael’s spirit and what he was all about and to bring it to life … with four or five singers singing along with Michael’s voice.”

It’ll surely be a spectacular event as Ehrlich hopes. He hopes so much that it may soon be considered a moment up there with the 12 Grammys and “Man in the Mirror” performance. However, we know what moments also translate into for the entertainment industry. The more golden a moment potentially is, the higher the rating.

By announcing a 3-D tribute to history’s biggest pop star, anticipation will be built. However, the Grammys’ ratings have wavered because viewers have also begun to predict the show’s schedule. Predictability for the winners in each categories have made the show not much more than a chance to see 20 performances crammed into three hours.

We wonder if this 3-D feature slapped onto the tribute’s heart and soul is the way to honor Jackson. Where does the line between elegantly honoring a star’s life and exploiting a star’s life for ratings begin and end? Do 3-D glasses cheapen the tribute?

The Grammys will air on Sunday, January 31 on CBS. If you plan on tuning in for the tribute at least, 3-D glasses will officially be sold at Target. (Yes, Target!)

What do you think of this 3-D Michael Jackson tribute?