Brit punk outfit Good Shoes is in the business of expression. The Morden, London-based foursome’s sophomore album packs a sizable punch, serving well-thought lyrics within an expansive melodic environment. Entitled No Hope, No Future, it is built on a colorful emotional spectrum – one that  is thankfully neither too sticky nor too hard-edged to enjoy.

Its title actually seems to hint at a PSA,  if not a shared human line of thought when approaching whatever respective life crisis, quarter- or mid-. Wherever one finds themselves, anyone leaning towards the indie rock scene will benefit by taking a listen. We dig the all-inclusive sensibility paired with a classic sound that will carry it further than their current UK tour will last.

We find it interesting that the idea behind the formation of Good Shoes was a hobby between brothers and friends only about six years ago – interesting, but not unbelievable. However, nearly three years after the release of their debut,  Think Before You Speak, and we’re convinced that it was never to be considered a one-off deal. No Hope, No Future points to the boys having grown a little older, each of its ten tracks soaked in willful or unavoidable experience.

For example, take the track “Under Control”, in which its frantic protagonist has the situation, er, not quite as the title suggests (the more I want the feel I need it / the more I get I need it [...] where smooth means hard and soft means hard / and she always wants more of what I’ve got to supply). They have also managed to successfully channel The Ramones without cramping anyone’s style (but most especially their own; “A Thousand Miles an Hour”).

We’d like to thank Good Shoes for having the sense to know that there should never be a shortage when it comes to quality music. No doubt No Hope, No Future will be added to our growing stack of albums of the year. The bar’s been set extremely high for anyone else who’ll be emerging from the charts.

No Hope, No Future is out digitally and physically via Brille Records.

01. The Way My Heart Beats
02. Everything You Do
03. I Know
04. Under Control
05. Do You Remember
06. Our Loving Mother In A Pink Diamond
07. Times Change
08. Thousand Miles An Hour
09. Then She Walks Away
10. City By The Sea