We announced the Coachella 2010 lineup just last week and as always, there have been mixed reactions. A favorite seems to be Sunday because of the lineup which includes reunited headliner, Gorillaz, and reunited sub headliner, Pavement. However, it looks like festival goers won’t have the option of paying for the day they choose anymore.

According to a recent interview with Coachella founder, Paul Tollet, and the official Coachella website, single day passes are not available this year. Whether you love the lineup or not, you’ll have to spend nearly $300 no matter what. More info on why you might have to pay for price of three days after the jump.

Tollet recently talked to Los Angeles’ Pop and Hiss and stated the following about the change in ticket options:

“I understand that every time you make a change it’s great for some people, and it’s not great for others. The other festivals around the world that have camping, you can buy only the pass. You don’t buy the single day—Bonnaroo, Glastonbury, any of the super great ones.”

We understand the point Tollet is trying to make, but it won’t be good enough for some people. Yes, Coachella is one of the nation’s most prestigious music festivals. Yes, the prices for camping passes have gone down. Yes, we can now go in and out of the festival with more ease this year. Yes, we can still pay with the layaway option – but that doesn’t soften the harsh fact that they are reinforcing festival goers to spend three day’s worth when they want to only attend one or two days.

Most Coachella attendees think of $300 as a lot of money, but if you are one of those 3-day festival fanatics and you think April 17 – 19 will still be a time well spent, you can head on over to their official website to buy tickets and learn more.

You can check the entire lineup for 2010 out here.

What do you think of Coachella taking away single day passes?