Rihanna has just premiered a brand new video for her track, “Rude Boy,” off of her latest album, Rated R. Although the album at first presented a dark and moody tone just as her leading video for “Russian Roulette” did, this single takes us back into the colorful and tropical realm in which Rihanna seems to feel more at home. She is from Barbados after all.

Although, some may at first liken it to M.I.A.‘s videos, “Galang” and “Boyz” because of the colors and even right down to the lip curl, we feel that Rihanna gives it her own touch with those hip twerks and that sexy attitude. Besides, M.I.A. didn’t copyright the style but only personified it. Directed by Melina Matsoukas who did her previous video, “Hard,” Rihanna goes back to her roots with Jamaican dance-hall costumes. Take a look below, then vote to let us know what you’ve decided!

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