Fans of pop trainwrecks rejoice – appearing dazed, confused and exhausted, one-time superstar Whitney Houston stumbled through the opening show of her Australia concert tour at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, according to Sydney’s Daily Telegraph. And we’ve got the video to prove it.

After coughing and slurring her way through a handful of songs, Houston disappeared backstage leaving her brother Gary Houston, to lead the band and back-up singers. After deciding that six songs probably didn’t constitute a full concert, nor earn the $165 ticket prices, Houston reappeared in a chair to perform the remainder of the show because nothing gets an audience to their feet more than watching a sweat-soaked diva sit down before proceeding to occasionally sing and then improperly name members of her backing band.

Houston briefly picked up the pace by hijacking two Michael Jackson tunes (“The Way You Make Me Feel,” “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’”), but the concert quickly nose-dived once again during the closing with “I Will Always Love You.” A disoriented Houston managed in between frequent sips of a water bottle and repeatedly toweling herself off – to whisper her way through the high notes she once hit with spellbinding ease.

Many fans have demanded refunds following the reportedly “embarrassing” and “hopeless” performance. Concert organizers however, have refused such requests thus far – after all, audience members were not only able to catch a wheezed smattering of their favorite pop hits, but they were also able to watch Houston slink into the confused twilight of her later years. That sounds like it’s worth the price of admission!

What do you think?  Should Whitney Houston retire before doing any further damage to her legacy?

Source: Fox 43