Today in “Really? She was in a relationship?” news, an ex-boyfriend of Lady Gaga is suing the oddball popstar and “Poker Face” singer’s company for $30 million. The ex is Robert Fusari, a New Jersey record producer responsible for producing such horrors as “Wild Wild West” for Will Smith and “Bootylicious” for Destiny’s Child. According to the L.A. Times, Fusari claims he was unfairly cut out of Gaga’s merchandising and recording royalties.

His story goes like this, in 2006, Fusari was on the hunt in New York to find a “dynamic female rock-n-roller with garage band chops” to be the frontlady for a girl-group version of The Strokes, which led him to a performance of one Stefani Germanotta, the future Lady Gaga.

He then allegedly met with Germanotta at his studio, and “decided to invest all his time into making her a super star.” Further, Fusari claims he would often greet the singer with a version of Queen’s “Radio Gaga,” and that he once texted the song title to Germanotta—but his cell phone’s spell check somehow switched ‘radio’ to ‘lady.’ You figure that one out.

Eventually the relationship turned romantic before nosediving once Fusari realized he was not included in Gaga’s royalties. The singer’s camp has yet to comment. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to text every ex-girlfriend I’ve ever had a series of misspelled song titles and nicknames—one of ‘em is bound to strike gold. Ch-ching.

Do you think Fusari’s lawsuit has merit?