Alas, it’s the end of an era–James Osterberg, Jr., a.k.a. Iggy Pop, age 62, has announced that he will no longer be stage diving at rock concerts.

The geriatric, but still unarguably cool, frontman for the Stooges and all-round rock ‘n roll wild one made one of his famous leaps at a show in Carnegie Hall last month, and the unusually staid crowd simply stood aside and led the man once crowned “The Idiot” slam right into the ground.  Pop later recounted the incident to WENN, and how it seemed like a fitting end to one of his classic stage moves.

“When I landed it hurt and I made a mental note that Carnegie Hall would be a good place for my last stage dive.  The audience were just like, ‘What are you doing?’”

And while it’s a sad day to acknowledge that one of my rock ‘n roll heroes is tickling retirement age and can no longer slam himself into the crowd, I have to remind myself that there will always be plenty of knives, broken glass, and peanut butter for Iggy Pop to writhe around in onstage, so there’s that.  Small comfort, but still.

And now if we can just get Jagger to finally halt the whole chicken-dance thing…

What do you think?  Is it time for Pop to retire the stage dive?