Pitchfork reports today that the long-running rock and power-poppers Weezer have left Geffen Records, their major-label home since 1994, which saw the release of their debut album, Weezer (the blue one).   Further, the band has decided to “go independent.”  It may seem odd of the admittedly already odd band to ditch the benefits of a major label, but it is certainly far more interesting than anything they’ve committed to disc since 2002’s Maladroit (proceed to go nuts, comments wall).

Further, bassist Scott Shriner told Billboard the following:

“We’re always planning and scheming something. We’re always working on some new music. I can’t really go into any detail about that yet, but we’re all writing and working on new stuff.”

The band also plans to rerelease a deluxe edition of their classic 1996 disc, Pinkerton, along with a rarities compilation entitled Odds and Ends, perhaps to remind us all of a time and world before the band released the horrors of tracks like “Beverly Hills,” “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To,” and “We Are All on Drugs.”  Remember those days, guys?  We had the whole world in front of us, safe in the knowledge that Weezer would never, ever hurt us.  Sigh.

What do you think about Weezer going independent?