David Letterman made a splash in the news with his announcement of adultery in the office to avoid exploitation from a blackmailer. Going forward with something like that took guts no matter how much we all approved or disapproved of his previous actions. Now, because he can get away with pretty much anything, Letterman’s ready to take over the music industry! Attention, musicians: You can now attempt to get signed to David Letterman’s record label…

According to Entertainment Weekly, Letterman company Worldwide Pants, Inc. has just started a a record label called Clear Entertainment/C.E. Music. Who did they first grab to head their roster? If you’re into the very young almost emo, pop-punk scene you may be familiar with the band.

Runner Runner is the first band to become a part of Letterman’s label as their upcoming album is due out in late summer 2010 via C.E. Music, Capitol and MRV. Letterman usually has musical guests of very diverse genres so we’re a bit surprised that they jumped at the chance to work with the five young guys in this band. Perhaps he’s not very involved with booking the music acts on his show?

Letterman is no Conan when it comes to music, but we commend his venture out into the music industry. We’re just wondering how much he’ll actually be taking part in the process of signing artists as well as pimping them out via publicity. If you’re curious enough about Runner Runner, you can head on over to MySpace and hear their current single, “So Obvious.”

What do you think about Letterman starting a record label?