There’s good news for those who miss the originally Detroit-based rock duo, The White Stripes. After all his outings with The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather, Jack White has finally realized that he’s missed being in a band with his ex-wife, Meg White. Meg, whose anxiety caused the band to cancel a few shows back in 2007, is now said to be much better so the band can take off again.

According to The Guardian (via Cos), Jack White has shared a few details about his return to his original and first well-known band after three years.

“So don’t forget to block out three months . . . Although we never did that, even in the thick of the craziness of the White Stripes. I have nothing planned after this month coming up, but I know that it all will be filled up really fast.”

Also sounding glad Meg has gotten over her nerves, he updated them on her “condition:”

“I don’t think her anxiety exists any more, but I don’t know. She was there when we were rehearsing for the Dead Weather, and Karen’s band was rehearsing in the next building. She ’s still involved and everything. But we’ve never sat down and gone.”

His key words about this though: “I would like to.” Jack, we’d really like you to, too. For now, you can get your fill of Jack White via The Dead Weather album, Sea of Cowards, which is fully streaming on their website. Or you can just listen to it below:

Are you excited to have The White Stripes reunite?