Now that the cat’s out of the bag—well, sort of, in that we’ve got a blurry 40-second music clip—about How to Destroy Angels, Trent Reznor’s first announced project since the demise of Nine Inch Nails as a live entity, it’s high time for the internet to kick in and do what it was made to do: gossiping, guessing and predicting the outcome of entertainment ventures.

Prefix reports that has leaked a “tentative tracklisting” for a potential six song EP by How to Destroy Angels (a duo comprised of Reznor and his wife, musician Mariqueen Maandig) that will be out this summer.  “Maybe.”  Oh, internet—you’re too cute sometimes.  Anyway, the supposed tracklisting looks like this:

1.The Space In Between (3:34)
2. Parasite (5:04)
3. Fur-Lined (4:00)
4. BBB (3:31)
5. The Believers (5:35)
6. A Drowning (7:13)

So, just to get things going and kick off this internet speculation the right way, I’m going to proclaim that “The Space In Between” is really an electro-industrial cover of Dave Matthews Band’s “The Space Between,” wherein Reznor shrieks that the distance between he and his wife while standing in the recording studio is an endless, obsidian-black gulf totally devoid of true emotion, numbed completely by years of despair, alienation and self-medication (actual distance, two feet).

What do you think of Reznor’s new musical project?