Some might scoff at the idea of an upper-class white woman penning the upcoming N.W.A. biopic, Straight Outta Compton, but not me—upon hearing the news that Andrea Berloff will be writing the script to the film about the seminal gangsta rap outfit, I prefer to save my scoff-ery not for Berloff’s race (‘cause I’m advanced like that), but for the fact that her one major scriptwriting credit is for the terrible, terrible Hallmark-Card-in-film-form World Trade Center, the hyper-sentimental, borderline-insulting Oliver Stone film.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that the film will deal with the band’s tumultuous rise and fall, which included infighting, violence, rapper Eazy-E falling to AIDS, and accusations of misogyny, anti-Semitism, and homophobia.  One can assume that Berloff will handle such topics with a deft and naked honestly, without being dressed up and bolstered by the schmaltz and heavy-handed sermonizing of World Trade Center… oh, who are we kidding?  This is probably not going to be good.

Scene From Andrea Berloff’s Straight Outta Compton:


Eazy-E: C’mon, gang—we gotta lay down this new track.  It’s hot!

Dr. Dre: Yes, Eazy-E, yes.  We must.  For the children of the streets, we must.  Now is the time for our music to give shape and sound to the crushed dreams, hopes and future of a disenfranchised people.

Ice Cube: Yeah! Come on, team—let’s make a difference!

All: (singing) “F*** the police/ f*** f*** the police!”

What do you think of the upcoming N.W.A. film?