The beginning of May started off with a glorious bang as we attended Avi Buffalo‘s record release show for their self-titled album via Sup Pop. As avid followers of this young band, we were excited to see how they would bode in the infamous Troubadour.

It turns out they inducted themselves into the long standing legacy which the venue holds quite well. The Wailing Wall from New York and VOICEsVOICEs of Los Angles provided support at the celebration this Saturday. Check our review and photos out below!

The Wailing Wall started the night off with a song sung entirely a Capella by front man Jesse Rifkin. For those in the audience who didn’t know The Wailing Wall’s sound may have been caught off guard by Rikin’s Bob Dylan-like vocals ringing throughout the venue – so naked yet so fearless – but it definitely did get all our attention as a hush spread throughout The Troubadour.

Immediately afterward, The Wailing Wall lived up to their name as all seven members all impressively contributed to their more upbeat songs. They even replaced the sitar lines with a trumpet and managed to bring the place down with a robust sound that brilliantly contrasts with the electronica-heavy sound NYC has become known for. Every once in a while it’s nice to hear organic sounds coming from the city that never sleeps. Led by Rifkin, The Wailing Wall simply shined as a collective with every instrument meticulously strummed, tickled, shaken, and pounded in all the right places.

Los Angeles’ VOICEsVOICEs are no strangers to BeatCrave as we’ve featured them in our Know Your LA Bands series, but they may have been something unexpected for the crowd filled with family, friends and young high school students celebrating that night with Avi. Going from The Wailing Wall’s worldly sounds to hot and heavy, layered beats was a very drastic change in atmosphere but the girls held their own fort down during their time on stage. Whether it was with actual drums, a synth or drum machine, the beautifully haunting vocals took us all out of our current realities for a bit and up into an unknown and ethereal place.

Finally, the kids we had all been waiting for took the stage and we couldn’t have been happier. Both the shout outs from crowd and the band on stage combined could have gone past the allotted time during a speech at the Oscars, if they all came after one another. The band thanked family and friends for joining them on such a happy night then went straight to the goods.

As they opened up with ‘Summer Cum,” we were reminded of the cheekiness and cleverness these young musicians had, but were still in awe that this album was finally a reality for them, too. Favorites such as “What’s In It For” and “Jessica” all had their own stories to tell live on stage.

These stories got more colorful as Avi thanked The Wailing Wall’s Rifkin for introducing him to Wilco at summer camp. Keyboardist, Rebecca cracked jokes as the spotlight created a surreal silhouette behind her. Their friend Devin came out on stage to help on extra guitar parts and it was also revealed that he was the artist behind the art on their album. More friends joined on stage and it go so intimate to the point where they could just say thank you to whomever shouted encouragement – without even looking up from their instruments.

“Remember Last Time,” an innocent and gorgeous jam, closed out the set. Although, “the man” had told them the should be saving that song for the encore these kids weren’t about to swim in any pretense and played the song right away – which was fine with us. Then ironically, with cheers from the crowd, they played “I’m Getting Too Old For This” for an “encore” at the last minute.

Avi Buffalo may be a young group but they were definitely grown up enough to successfully perform a brilliant set for a sold out show.

Avi Buffalo Record Release Show Setlist:

Summer Cum
Truth Sets In
Five Little Sluts
Can’t I Know
What’s In It For
Where Your Dirty Mind

I’m Getting Too Old For This

Check some of our photos out from the night below!

Photography by Carl Pocket