So, you know how actor Joaquin Phoenix seems to have gone all late-period Andy Kaufman over the past year, hiding behind an unruly beard, ever-present shades, and declaring that he has left acting for a career as a rap star?  For a year now, people have been debating whether or not it’s all been a humorous publicity stunt/ gag, or if Phoenix really has left acting to spend the rest of his days as a white MC, while other just keep watching his David Letterman interview on repeat due to its awkward hilarity.

It seems that the people won’t have to debate for much longer (hopefully), as Deadline New York reports that Casey Affleck has completed a “mockumentary” on the subject of  brother-in-law Phoenix’s supposed and bizarre transition into a rap star (note that the article repeatedly refers to it as a “mockumentary”), and that it was screened at a “private lunchtime screening at WME headquarters last week for buyers,” that included Harvey Weinstein.  All present were sworn to secrecy:

“I hear the agency and the distributors intend to keep the mock’s content under wraps for as long as they can for maximum shock value.”

So is this the true beginning of a rap career for Phoenix?  Or just one really long-winded goofball stunt?  Either way, that Letterman interview is still gold.

What do you think?  Is Phoenix faking it?