Don’t call Mick Jagger a Rock-N-Roll icon, he will say it was luck, hard work, and loyal fans that gave him and his famous band longevity. Don’t mind the talent, string of hits, or sex appeal of The Rolling Stones. Luck can’t explain 50 years of groundbreaking music yet according to Jagger that’s all it was…

The singer recently appeared on “Larry King Live” and discussed his long running career and the root of his success.

“You know, you always need a lot of luck…and I think [the Stones] were in the right place at the right time. And … when we work, we work very hard.”

Tuesday marked the re-release of one of the Stones’ most famous albums, Exile on Main Street which Jagger said was a special record for him and his fans. He gave a lot of credit to those who have followed the group throughout the years.

“What really keeps it going is the audience, because … you feed from the audience and their enthusiasm,” Jagger said. “And if you have an enthusiastic audience, you feel that … you could give more, you know?”

You can check out more of Jagger’s interview below…

Do you think The Stones should give up already and let their legacy speak for itself?