If you haven’t been to the Google homepage yet, you’re missing out on one of their best logos ever! In honor of Pac-Man‘s 30th anniversary, they’ve not only made the logo look like a Pac-Man game but when you click “insert coin,” you can actually play the game as many times as you want. That’s pretty rad in our book.

To pay some homage to the iconic arcade game, we decided to give you a little playlist via youtube since it’s been in the American pop culture for so long. Check it all out after the jump!

Some cool facts about Pac-Man:

  • The Atari 2600 was the first port to introduce us to Pac-Man
  • Pac-Man was then available as a home game through the Atari 5200
  • Little kids (and a lot of geeky adults) got to watch Pac-Man as a cartoon in 1982
  • Pac-Man got a female companion appropriately named Ms. Pac-Man
  • Pac-Man got some ridiculously crazy merchandise like pasta, cereal, and a fruit machine
  • Then we got Super Pac-Man, Pac-Man Plus, Jr. Pac-Man, Baby Pac-Man and Professor Pac-Man and a whole bunch of crazy stuff but most importantly, Pac-Man made it into the music realm such as the most well known “Pac Man Fever” by Buckner & Garcia. Check out some of the other songs dedicated to the round yellow chomping man below!

“Pac-Man” by Weird Al Yancovic

“Pac-Man (Power Pill remix) by Richard D. James

“Pac-Man” (Parody of Akon’s Smack That) by comedy group, Sudden Death

Official Pac-Man Cartoon Intro:

Combing the best of both worlds: Pac-Man Meets Super Mario!

Happy Birthday Pac-Man!