If you read Buddyhead, you already know how great the band Dios is. Either that or you’ve stumbled upon this band yourself and realized that they are as good as any of the hype they’re getting. Hype can be a killer but it’s just something you’re willing to embrace and brag about if a band has the goods to back it up. Dios is one of the bands who has all the goods.

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the band. As fans of Dios for quite some time now, we knew the festival goers would be getting a treat at the Sunset stage during Sunday’s Silver Lake Jubilee Festival.

Even though it was just afternoon, those who just walked in joined the people who had begun to crowd around Dios’ stage. In fact, one guy was enjoying their music so much, he was moving every inch of body – from his toes to his fingers to his lips. We kid you not. At first it looked like he was on some hardcore drugs but then he would rest in between songs so we weren’t really sure in the end.

We can’t say we blame him though. With Dios providing chameleon-like sounds that ranged from folk-acoustic to experimental rock to psychedelia pop, we all enjoyed our selves during the band’s set. Perhaps we should have shown it more through movement like the epileptic dancing guy though.

Check out some of our photos from the Dios set!

Photography by Carl Pocket