To fill our need for some indie folk music, Family of the Year was there on Sunday  to fill our audio cravings Silver Lake Jubilee. Although the band only has six members, it still seemed like there were a lot more bodies contributing to the musical goodness that is Family of the Year. Perhaps it’s just their soft harmonies, comforting guitar chords and melodies that just pull us into their world that make us think that. Whatever it is, we just know we’re fans.

We’re well aware of the fact that many bands have numerous members in one band making it a hectic scene to watch on stage (hello, Broken Social Scene), but having that many people on stage at once is only good when they’re all really contributing to something as gorgeous to songs such as “Summer Girl” and “Surprise.” Any time the majority of a band sings together, it’s an automatic bonus point in our books. We’re all for random shouts in punk, but every now and then we enjoy some lush melodies underneath a group of voices to take us out of the ordinary.

Family of the Year is quickly becoming favorites on the streets of Los Angeles and with one listen it’s obvious why. We highly recommend checking them out.

For now, check out some of our photos from the Family of the Year set!

Photography by Carl Pocket