I’m just going to say what everyone else is thinking, but won’t say for fear of hurting the feelings of a country-singing-blonde 80s baby — Kanye West is the man. There’s no doubt that he’s the lord of douche baggery town, but for crying out loud, he’s the Lady Gaga of hip hop, there’s no doubt about it.

After expectantly shockingly canceling the Fame Kills concert with Lady Gaga late last year, some of us thought that West was slowly quitting his day job. Alas, the 21st century king of hip hop is back. A new single has leaked unto the internet, set for release on June 8th. The title, Power. Needless to say, Power is a perfect fit for the actual song. Listen to the single, and judge it yourself…

Kanye’s song is a cry of anger about the times we’re living in, and for those people who are suffering economically. Take a look at some of the lyrics:

“They say I was the obamanation of Obama’s nation
Well, that’s a pretty bad way to start the conversation
At the end of day, goddammit, I’m killin’ this shit
I know damn well ya’ll feelin’ this shit”

He takes on some haters in the song (here’s talking to you SNL), which make it personal, but overall the song has a global appeal. It’s an angry piece of music, with strong guitars and drums. It’s poetic. It’s relevant. It’s genius. This is the reason people love the music of the 60s so darn much; those songs reveal the struggles of a time in history. Power does that, and it just leaked today. I’m glad Kanye West is back. Men like him are a rare breed.