Nada Surf, a band two years shy of being together for two decades, ended the night on the Big Foot stage just as Vampire Weekend was wrapping up their set at the main stage. We could have been at the main stage with a bunch of people there for the hype but we figured why not support the bands who won’t get as much coverage? That’s what the indie music scene is all about, after all. So we stayed rooted at this stage after The Hold Steady to see Nada Surf, a band who still sounds as great as they did in the 90s.

After brushing up against the mainstream world with their radio hit, “Popular,” Nada Surf came back with a vengeance on the indie path and released three albums worth of new material with their fourth one being a take on their most favorite songs by other artists. With the wind howling at our skin to remind us we were up north, all us gathered near the stage to hear some legitimate Nada Surf tunes from those albums. Whether people were there because they were loyal fans or just grabbing a slice of nostalgia, the guys had a pretty good-sized crowd to end out the major lineup of the day one for Sasquatch.

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Photography by Carl Pocket