Michael Jackson’s death has given the world a lot over the past year – a planned Cirque du Soleil tribute show in Las Vegas, a much-needed spike in music sales, a misty-eyed revisionism that allows a lot of us to forget the last 15 years of MJ’s life – and it shows no signs of stopping.  The Onion A.V. Club reports today that the just-plain-insanely-evil Joe Jackson has announced that he plans to launch a massive Michael Jackson museum in MJ’s hometown of Gary, Indiana:

The Jackson paterfamilias made a return visit to the family’s hometown of Gary, Indiana, meeting with city officials who agreed to donate more than 300 acres of land to the development of the Jackson Family Museum and Hotel and the Michael Jackson Performing Arts and Cultural Center and Theaters, which they believe will act as a “magnet” for fans all over the world and generate more than $100 million to $150 million for the financially struggling town. The lasting monument to Jackson’s music would reportedly include “a museum, concert hall, performing arts center, pavilion, and possibly a hotel, restaurant and gambling parlor.” While initial plans called for a similar memorial to be built in California, where Jackson lived most of his life, Joe Jackson insists that Gary is “where his son would have wanted his principal memorial.”

You know, that is probably where Michael would have wanted his principal memorial, because it’s not like he developed a massive 2,676 acre, $35 million ranch in southern California that acted as a monument to all things ‘Michael.’ Smart move on Joe Jackson’s part, who then began mumbling under his breath that he could probably manage to wring a management-level position at a local In-N-Out Burger when Tito dies.  Ch-ching!

What do you think of the proposed Michael Jackson museum?